Take it slow


Take a step back. Breath in, breath out. Take your time. Take it slow! It’s a subtle revolution. No explosions. No fights. Slow living is now a rising value at the heart of all the worries . It’s no more a concept but a reality and it’s transforming lives.



Today, all over the world, we dream of having time. We want a slowing of the pace and we look for answers on how to achieve it. We’ve had enough of running, from morning to night, saturated with computers and smartphones attached to the body, hands clasped to the screens, when they could have been caressing, carving, transforming. We’re fed up with the imperatives of ‘more’: more profitable; more results, which we forcefully privilege to the detriment of personal, intimate, family, love life or friends.


So why this need to slow down if mankind has done nothing but accelerate the march, from discovery to discovery, from progress to progress, supposedly for our benefit? Maybe we’ve reached the breaking point. The Internet, e-mails and smartphones initially caused an understandable drunkenness. But now, we’re hungover. 


Buy less, buy better

We believe in ‘buy better, buy less’ so we build eyewear that lasts beyond seasons and trends, using the labour-intensive manual processes that define handmade eyewear. It’s better for you, for our local economy and for the environment.


Photography - Luís Martins || Styling - Tania Dioespirro || Hair and make up - Bé Miranda || Models - Maria Fernandes, Carla Sofia Pereira e Sebastian Terestik || Styling Assistant - Cristina Laborim