Interview: Scar-id, let's start from the beginning!

Welcome to Scar-id - Sílvia and André in front of the store

Welcome to Scar-id - Sílvia and André in front of the store

Scar-id store is a space for those who understand that design plays a differential part in the construction of ones own identity. It’s an independent design store, based in Porto, that communicates and sells a selection of products made by Portuguese designers, based on exclusivity, innovation and identity. It centers in the areas of fashion, accessories, jewellery, furniture and product design.

It was the first store to have our sunglasses!

Between a store and a gallery, Scar-id presents a carefully selected collection of limited editions and unique pieces all made in Portugal.

Located in an old corner grocery store from the 50´s, in Porto´s Art neighbourhood, scar-id is also a product lab, an architecture office and a photography studio.

The store is runed by Sílvia, a fashion photographer and teacher, and André, architect and interior designer. These two people with different trades and different perspectives bring the best out of each other and manage to have a very cohesive approach when it comes to the store. They also, both, love black


Sílvia Pinto Costa and André Ramos in front of Scar-id Store

Sílvia Pinto Costa and André Ramos in front of Scar-id Store

How did you guys meet?

It was almost 20 years ago, back in 1999. We were studying Art in high school and somehow we started talking while drawing.

There was a lot to talk about at the time (and there still is)... our dreams, art and architecture, books, travels, movies. We didn't talked about products or fashion or... sunglasses at the time.

That's the result of an ongoing conversation we're have since then, with a few breaks of course, and a few significant changes in subjects.


darkside eyewear scar id silvia orpheus verde
darkside eyewear scar id silvia orpheus

What’s the best part of running Scar-id?

The curator´s work is amazing because we have to know about a wide range of subjects and be able to connect them to present cohesive collection to our clients.

These idea of coherence is very import for what we do here. We're lucky to have brilliant designers that are make these products for us.

The most exciting part is when we find a new brand or collection and we have to find out the best way to present it.


Orpheus red and grey

Orpheus red and grey

André with our Minos black with optical lens

André with our Minos black with optical lens

Why does fashion has a special place in peoples heart?

Because it's a direct way of expression. Before you talk to someone, your style talks first. Your first words about yourself are your garments and accessories, the way you walk, the way you look.

We don´t really care about ´fashion´ in the way of trends and newness. We care about products, design, ideas, identity. Fashion is just a part of people´s identity. A very important one.



What drives you?


We are design curators. We have this white gallery in the city where we can showcase some of the things we like. Isn´t it great?

We are scar-id 24/7. It's not just the store. We design and produce a few products. We have late meetings with our designers. Some of them allow us to ´interfere´ with their creative process.

The physical store is just one part of the process and the one we realize in the last 4 and a half years. We have a few projects and a couple of dreams to work on. Always with passion.


André and Sílvia in the store

André and Sílvia in the store

Our Volans Olive

Our Volans Olive

What do you like in your neighborhood?

This neighborhood is on the boundary of the city center, so it's not yet transformed by the mass tourism economy.

It has the perfect scale, balancing housing with the art galleries and the design stores, the cafés, the architecture offices, the artists workshops. Is a good place for all these creative people to live in.

Actually some of our designers live in the same street as scar-id.

For our store is great because, since we're not in a busy neighborhood, we have more time for each one of our clients.


Our Orpheus olive

Our Orpheus olive

Why did you choose to showcase Darkside sunglasses?

It was actually because of the name, it has everything to do with us. Just kidding.

Sunglasses, or glasses in general has always to do with a certain timeless feeling.

If someone is covering their eyes, they should really think very well about the perfect model for their identity.

So Darkside is perfect. They maintain the dark and sober collection for people like us, side by side with a wide range of bold and expressive models, to address every kind of identity.



How would you convince someone to visit the store?

If someone wants to buy a garment or a pair of sunglasses, they can just do it online in a very sterile way.
To walk, to go to a restaurant, to visit a museum, to browse in a bookstore, to choose a plant in a garden store, to go to a concert, these are the kind of experiences we can relate to.

A design store is a place where you can be inspired and can collect a few items according to your identity. The ID on scar-id is about identity, is about you.


So visit SCAR-ID at Rua do Rosário 253, 4050-124 Porto, Portugal

Monday from 3 pm / 8 pm
Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am / 8 pm
Sunday is closed