Milan, Paris and Porto Fashion Week

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It's with great pleasure that we announce that we will be presenting our new collection during Milan, Paris and Porto fashion week.

The Take It Slow collection is an approach to this new concept of slow living, an antithesis of fast-fashion and all that it entails. From the beginning we believe in "buying less, buying better", creating superior quality products that withstand seasons.

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Take it slow

Take a step back. Breathe in, breathe out. Don't be in a hurry. Go slow! It's a subtle revolution. No explosions. No fights. Slow life is now a rising value at the heart of all the worries. It's no longer a concept, but a reality and is transforming lives.


White Show - 23/26 Feb, Stand 231 Via Tortona 27


3rd Eye Showroom - 27 Feb/5 Mar,
126 Rue de Turenne


Brand Up - 22 a 24 de março, Alfângeda do Porto.


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