How many versions of yourself can coexist at once?

How many versions of yourself can coexist at once? There are infinite yous out there, infinite pathways for infinite selves to live infinitely variable lives.


A lonely girl in the mid 80’s living in the suburbs, she lives the excitement of her life by creating different versions of herself and giving them life by the way she acts and dresses. She jumps from alter-ego to alter-ego as she pleases and with each change she reinvents herself and gets closer to defining who she really is. Who would she be if she wasn’t this version of herself? 

For the styling concept, we were based on the biggest figures that created personas in order to thrive on their careers, we’re inspired by the 70’s of David Bowie, from Ziggy Stardust to the Man Who Fell to Earth, and the theatricality of the 80’s of Grace Jones and Prince.

Styling inspiration was drawn from brands like Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant and Adam Selman’s AW18 and from daily life situations. Bright colours and bold prints in neon, animal prints as the new neutrals and ultra-miniskirts were center stage in this piece.

Darkside Eyewear Maria Hydra Pale

Special thanks to the super team!

Creative Direction: Maria Galvão; Patrícia de Oliveira; Tiago Lemos
Styling: Patrícia de Oliveira (@deoliveirapatricia_)
Photographer and Videographer: Tiago Lemos
MUA and Hair: Maria Luís (@marialuismakeup)
Post Production: Hugo Fortuna (@hugofortuna)

Carolina Castro