Take it slow


Take a step back. Breath in, breath out. Take your time. Take it slow!

It’s a subtle revolution. No explosions. No fights. Slow living is now a rising value at the heart of all the worries . It’s no more a concept but a reality and it's transforming lives.


Birds of Paradise


Between friends...

Darkside presents its latest collection channeling the famous Birds of Paradise. They’re among the most beautiful creatures on earth. These kind of birds are best know for their unique visuals and different personalities that come together in the same habitat. Likewise, in this campaign, we take inspiration from people and friends that surrounds us. The campaign is entirely photographed inside the same studio, playing only with our friends feathers.

Photography - Studio Loq || Styling - Carolina Castro || Models - Inês Nepomuceno, Anita Geraz, Rafael Lemos, Joana Ferreira, Maria João Macedo, Hernâni Baptista, Francisco Costa e Vitor Hugo.




We're having a Christmas party and everyone is invited!...

He's making a list,
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice.
Santa Claus is coming to town

We love the holiday season. There's always a good reason to gather our friends and make a big party. This year everyone is invited.




The darkside takes many shapes and colors...

... so in this collection we've broadened the spectrum. We have Olive, Orange, Blue and even Pink. DARKISDE - show yours!


The Darkside


When all started for Darkside...

We rarely step foot outside without our shades – partially because they look really cool, but mostly because the sun never sets for us. Sunglasses have become part of our required uniform. No one knows what we’re thinking behind our lenses. We are part of a mysterious and dark club.